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Résidence les Tropiques Martinique Vo A/R + 7 nuits Rés les Tropiques
7 nights + 3 nights offered
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Villa du Vauclin N2
The Vauclin
6 to 8 people / with pool

of Martinique villas rentals
The Villa and its annexes are held in the middle of a field of 11000 m2, which ends in slight overhang above the waters of the Bay of VAUCLIN, a small town of Atlantic coast of Martinique, which offers the charm of a kind still preserved. (No doubt thanks to the proximity of a coastal bird sanctuary that protects access to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.)
The villa and its dependence authorize 8 sleeps other buildings (garage Reserve and guest house are not part of the rental.) Seaside. Televisions (2 in the vast villa where 1 with canal sat), telescope, mini hi-fi chain, DVD player, MP3 .. Kitchen and laundry facilities. Housework (2 days per week in low seasonal 3 days in high season). Pool purification system with chlorine-free (by electrolysis of salt), 4 bike paths all Barbecue coal / gas, with close, a garden table and three stone benches.
Housing and comfort
of Martinique villas rentals
Sailboard, kayaking, kite surfing, dinghy, (center of the Nautical Pointe Faula, spot Quality International).
Nautical Tours.
Excursions on the Atlantic coast.
of Martinique villas rentals
of Martinique villas rentals The house is divided into three buildings: the main house surrounded by a large gallery, consists of three rooms (all air-conditioned), 2 comfortable bathrooms, living room, kitchen open, more addictive (air-conditioned room and hall of water) located on the other side of the pool.
There is also a small house with two rooms. Orientation of houses and vegetation of the garden preserve the privacy of both contructions
The kitchen is fully equipped, including a refrigerator American distributor of ice. Maintains the breeze that cooled the atmosphere unabated, it is located thirty kilometers malls, Fort de France, it is an ideal starting point for discovering the most beautiful beaches in the south of Martinique, while with a quiet retirement.
For courses food store is located 500 meters from the villa and to discover the local cuisine you can also opt for smaller restaurants from the beach (2,500 meters)
of Martinique villas rentals

Pointe Faula, (beach of the town), you can introduce them to wind-surfing. The conditions are ideal for learning: The beach faces the trade winds, the bay is protected, the water temperature do not come under the 26 degrees centigrade, and the depth is not more than 70cm over an area of more than 5,000 meters square from the beach.

of Martinique villas rentals
of Martinique villas rentals
The villa is a home inspired Mediterranean with a successful creolization through openings in wood paneling and its vast gallery device. This architecture is ideal for enjoying the unique ambience that comes the delicate combination of favorable shadow of the gallery floor ebony green, the air sweet sea breeze and the stunning scenery of the sun sparkling on the water .
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Résidence les Tropiques
Flight A/R + 7 nights + 3 nights offered in bungalow bases 4 people:
490 €/pers
including all taxes
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